Good & Bad oh Damn

So finally, MY EXAMS ARE OVER! Done with Year 2 Sem 2 of my RP life. Up next… Internship.

I was selected to go for internship at Deal Guru. It’s the site where they have cheap deals on everything. I really mean everything! Clothes, Kitchen ware, Household items, holiday tix, hotel rates and yeah pretty much everything. Im going there as a Marketing Executive Intern and the best part is… MY PAY IS FUCKING $800! That’s the damn highest pay ever for internship in our course. Great right? I KNOW!


I am selected to work with someone that I just can’t click with. Like seriously? You’re gonna put me with her? Really? I can’t stand her. Talked to the facis and they told me to TRY and be nice. Oh bitch please, I ain’t being nice to someone that is so fake and full of shit.

I am always better than you. I will always be higher than you. And if you think you’re so pretty and the whole world should worship at your legs, you should wake up and face reality.

The girl I knew in Year 1 was nice. Appearance and attitude wise. I dont know why you’ve changed. I liked the old you. Now, you’re behaving like you’re the Goddess and everyone are your slaves.

I dont HATE you. I just dislike your attitude.

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Fairytale Theme

As you all can see from my blog header, I am obsess with Disney Princesses. I really want this wedding to be royal-princessy kind of wedding. You know those fairytale kind of theme? Yeah. So i’ve been looking around for ideas and lucky for me, I have a Pinterest account. SO MANY PRETTY THINGS THERE!

& right now im having the boost to blog about what i envision my wedding to be!

From the prev post on Venue, i’ve decided to choose Warren Golf & Country Club. They provide EVERYTHING there. So I think can adjust here and there as I would really love to do DIY fairytale wedding stuff or order outside.

Firstly, the Wedding Invites.

LOOK AT HOW PRETTY AND CLASSIC FAIRYTALE IT IS! If order/ask people to make, gonna be super mahal. So… being the crazy-over-DIY girl, I’m planning to DIY the invites. (You all have no idea how many DIY stuff im gonna do for my wedding.) but then… you know how mak chicks all gonna be like.. “Map mana? macam mana nak pegi takde map ni?” Well mak chicks, map will be included printed on a small card tied to the scroll.

Wedding Favours.

Can put macarons/cookies inside. So convenient and small.
1480492be841935526d40fa41eaf507cGiving out tea sachets is cute & cheap too. SAVE COST! can add a little extra touches to add the wedding theme to the tea sachets.
And I’m loving the tea bags so much! I mean it is so simple and easy and ALMOST everyone drinks tea. Some people give all those big and bulky stuff like mugs/bowls and stuff for malay weddings. To me, na-uh. LECEH. tea bags = simple + cheap hehe. & I can just print out crowns and labels of my name & BB’s to tie to it.


I can get dearest Sister to do the guestbook. hehe luv luv. I can count on her cause her brain is crazy and always exploding with ideas. I want something like a fairytale storybook. Hard cover with thick binding. Like the photo below.

Wedding Cake

Look at how simple and white it is!
f1699f422f5bb140fbbf35e6c32997ffVIP Chair Signs

5c50f481b33c6b95b45ee4754a5231cea6fba0435954670a633d1c6fc4b698085c9294861a3d858b75077885b490884d 058e59c42bfd8791a66913eb890f33cb

Wedding Favour Basket

1d177518fb0464f6bb6d38ef8a6f4cfdCan change the star to a crown or something hehe. 192ef4998ec4124bff53db2182f6676d

Wedding Dress!

Since parents are conservative, I have to find wedding dresses that doesnt reveal too much. Found some pretty ones on Pinterest. Told you I LOVE that website.


For my Prince!

For BB, i tak cerewet. As long as white base and have red details im fine. Hehe!


Bridesmaids/Maid of Honour/Best Men

For bridesmaids/maid of honour dresses, I need to find something conservative yet eyecatching cause 3 of my girls are in hijab now(alhamdulillah). I dont want them all to wear the exact same thing, same shade but different design maybe? Hehe!
I think i’ll just buy them the cloth and they go tailor it themselves. So they can do it up to their liking.
Girl Cuzz: 5 | Gfs: 3
Colours? Pastel Pink!

Best Men: They can chill chill baby cause their outfit gonna be simple.
Bros: 5
Colours? Dark Grey & Pastel Blue.

Princess Family – Shades of Red/Pink
Prince Family – Shades of Blue

Itty Bits

Food Labels


Shades! Since it is an outdoor wedding! OMG THIS IS AWESOME! Can place the table at the entrance when they sign in at the reception table.

KIDS ZONE! You know how weddings get annoying with little kids running around? Well, Im gonna have a kids zone at one corner that will have barriers. They can colour and stuff.

Wow, i really excited gila kape type gini banyak! Hahahhaa 😀 This is one of the days where I have the mood to sit and blog.

Gonna show BB the whole blog post and see what he thinks. YAY!

xoxo Goodnight readers 😉

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Venue Options

Kay so I have been planning the venue with BB.

In General:
OUTDOOR – Beach/Garden/Park
INDOOR – Hotel/Country Club/Cafe/Restaurant

Considerations in choosing a venue:
> Number of guests
> The PMS weather in SG
> Easily accessible to the guests

I am NOT gonna do my wedding at my void deck. Ive seen too many chinese wake being conducted at my void deck. The coffin is also placed at the pelamin side ALL the time. So.. no! Plus void deck wedding panas gee. I pengantin you know, later pespire must touch up make up all. and BB pespire easily. he will be easily frustrated and annoyed if he’s feeling hot. We prince and princess what so I want it to be aircon.

Then come the problem of having the wedding outdoors. IT WILL BE PANAS LIKE FAHK. so….. I came across Warren Golf and Country Club. They provide outdoor wedding that is air-conditioned. OMG HEAVEN KAPE JACK! in love terus la siul. CLICK LINK TO WARREN GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB

So, they have the promotion if you sign up before 17 February. TOO BAD now is 26 Feb hahaha. Alah my wedding is in December next year anyway. Pelan pelan kayuh. Their package:


THEY HAVE ALMOST EVERYTHING LAH I AM IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I decide already lah I want this venue. So going back to considerations:
Cost: Beribu ribu eh.. alah cost divide by 2 what. Combine venue with BB hehe. [TICK]
Number of guests: Well they can accomodate up to 800 for buffet, plus I just plan to have 200 my side and 200 his side.  [TICK]
Weather: Outdoor but sheltered and air-con. [MAJOR TICK]
Easily accessible: Ulu of Choa Chu Kang but there’s shuttle bus from CCK MRT and im living at CCK. HOW FUCKING DAMN CONVENIENT RIGHT? [TICK ]

4 ticks equals to…….. YAY venue decided!

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